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Reading 5.1 (VIDEO)

“The George Costanza Approach to Fixing Fatal Flaws” by Edinger, Scott - HBR Blog, Oct. 25, 2011.

Reading 5.2

“Failing by Design” by McGrath, Rita Gunther - Harvard Business Review, April 2011.

Reading 5.3 (VIDEO)

"Strategies for Learning from Failure" by Edmondson, Amy - Harvard Business Review, April 2011, pp.48-55.

Reading 5.4

"The Right Kind of Failure" by Gary, L - Harvard Management Update, January 2002.

Reading 5.5

"Leadership and the Psychology of Turnarounds" by Moss Kanter, R - Harvard Business Review, vol. 81, no. 6, pp. 58-67. 2003.

Reading 5.6

“How to Survive a Recession & Thrive Afterward” by Frick, Walter - HBR, May-June 2019, pp.98-105

Reading 5.7

“Weathering the Business Cycle: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020.

Reading 5.8

“Preparing for Risk: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020.

Reading 5.9

“Marketplace Disruption: The Myth of Perpetuity and Lifecycle Realities” by Hartung, Adam - Financial Times, July 23, 2008.

Reading 5.10

"Reinvent Your Business Before It’s Too late—Watch Out for Those S Curves" by Nunes, Paul & Breene, Tim - Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb. 2011, pp. 80-87.

Reading 5.11

“Navigating Strategic Inflection Points” by Grove, Andrew S - Business Strategy Review, 1997, Vol 8 Issue 3, pp 11-18.

Reading 5.12

“Why Corporate Functions Stumble" by Kunisch, Sven, Muller-Stevens, Gunter, & Campbell, Andrew - Harvard Business Review, December 2014, 110-117.

Reading 5.13 (Academic) (Punishment!)

“Survival or failure within the organisational life cycle. What lessons for managers?” by Abatecola, Gianpaolo - Journal of General Management, Vol. 38, No.4 Summer 2013.

Reading 5.14

Dutton, Jane, Frost, Peter, Worline, Monica, Lilius, Jacoba, Kanov, Jason, “Leading in Times of Trauma”, HBR Special Issue 2020, pp.26-33

Reading 5.15

Heifetz, Ronald, Grashow, Alexander, Linsky, Marty, “Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis”, HBR Special Issue 2020, pp. 11-17.

Reading 5.16

Sutton, Robert, “How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 83-89.

Reading 5.17 (Questionnaire)

“Making Business Personal” by Kegan, Robert, et al - Harvard Business Review, April 2014. (Do assigned questionnaire on DDO)

Reading 5.18

“Leading in Crisis: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 34-45.

Reading 5.19

“Embracing Uncertainty: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp.56-65.


Reading 5.20



Rhodes, David, Stelter, “Seize Advantage in a Downturn”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 66-73.


Reading 5.21

"Stop Doubling Down on Your Failing Strategy" by Vermeulen, Freek and Sivanathan, Niro - Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec 2017, 111-117.

Reading 5.22

“Increase Your Return on Failure” by Birkinshaw, Julian & Haas, Martine - Harvard Business Review, May 2016, pp.88-93.

Reading 5.23

“Collective Genius” by Hill, Linda, Brandeau, Greg, Truelove, Emily, & Lineback, Kent - Harvard Business Review, June 2014, 94-102.

Reading 5.24

“The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures,” by Pisano, Gary - HBR, Jan-Feb 2019, pp.62-71

Reading 5.25

"The Transformative Business Model--How to tell if you have one" by Kavadias, Stelios, Ladas, Kostas, and Loch, Christoph - Harvard Business Review, October 2016,91-98.

Reading 5.26

Anthony, Scott, Cobban, Paul, Nair, Rahul, Painchaud, Natalie, “Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation”, Harvard Business Review, November-December 2019, pp. 92-101.


Reading 5.27

“The Antifragile Organization” by Tseitlin, Ariel - Communications of the ACM, Vol. 56, No 8, August 2013.

Reading 5.28

“Reigniting Growth” by Zook, Chris & Allen, James - Harvard Business Review, March 2016, pp.70-76.


Reading 5.29


“Knowing When to Reinvent” by Bertolini, Mark, Duncan, David, & Waldeck, Andrew - Harvard Business Review, December 2015, pp. 90-101.

Reading 5.30

​Tedeschi, Richard, “Growth After Trauma: Five steps for coming out of a crisis stronger”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp. 127-131.

Reading 5.31

“What Is the Next NORMAL Going to Look Like?”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp. 48-52.

Reading 5.32

Scoblic, J.Peter, “Learning from the Future: How to make robust strategy in times of deep uncertainty”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp.39-47.

Reading 5.33

"Building Organizational Resilience" byFernando Suarez, HBR Nov-Dec 2020.

Reading 5.34

"Adapt Your Business to the New Reality" by Michael Jacobides, HBR, Sept-Oct 2020.

Reading 5.35

"Our Work-from-Anywhere Future" Prithwiraj Choudhury, HBR, Nov-Dec 2020.

Reading 5.36

"Persuade Your Company to Change Before It's Too Late", Siren, Pontus, et al., Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2022, pp.49-53.

Reading 5.37

"Future-Proofing Your Organization--Prepare your team to stay ahead in the post-pandemic world", Mankins, Michael, et al., Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct 2021, pp.42-48.

Reading 5.38

"Selling After the Crisis", Cespedes, Frank, Harvard Business Review, Mar-Apr 2021, pp.52-57.

Reading 5.39

"Redesigning How We Work" by Lynda Gratton, HBR, Mar-Apr 2023, pp.68-75

Reading 5.40

"Strategy Making in Turbulent Times", Michael Mankins and Mark Gottfredson, HBR, Sept-Oct 2022, pp.61-69

Reading 5.41

"The Power of Options", David Noble and Carol Kauffman, HBR, Jan-Feb 2023, pp 108-115.

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