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Reading 5.1 (VIDEO)

“The George Costanza Approach to Fixing Fatal Flaws” by Edinger, Scott - HBR Blog, Oct. 25, 2011.

Reading 5.2

“Failing by Design” by McGrath, Rita Gunther - Harvard Business Review, April 2011.

Reading 5.3 (VIDEO)

"Strategies for Learning from Failure" by Edmondson, Amy - Harvard Business Review, April 2011, pp.48-55.

Reading 5.4

"The Right Kind of Failure" by Gary, L - Harvard Management Update, January 2002.

Reading 5.5

"Leadership and the Psychology of Turnarounds" by Moss Kanter, R - Harvard Business Review, vol. 81, no. 6, pp. 58-67. 2003.

Reading 5.6

“How to Survive a Recession & Thrive Afterward” by Frick, Walter - HBR, May-June 2019, pp.98-105

Reading 5.7

“Weathering the Business Cycle: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020.

Reading 5.8

“Preparing for Risk: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020.

Reading 5.9

“Marketplace Disruption: The Myth of Perpetuity and Lifecycle Realities” by Hartung, Adam - Financial Times, July 23, 2008.

Reading 5.10

"Reinvent Your Business Before It’s Too late—Watch Out for Those S Curves" by Nunes, Paul & Breene, Tim - Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb. 2011, pp. 80-87.

Reading 5.11

“Navigating Strategic Inflection Points” by Grove, Andrew S - Business Strategy Review, 1997, Vol 8 Issue 3, pp 11-18.

Reading 5.12

“Cross Silo Leadership” by Casciaro, Tiziana; Edmondson, Amy; Jang, Sujin - HBR, May-June 2019.

Reading 5.13

“Why Corporate Functions Stumble" by Kunisch, Sven, Muller-Stevens, Gunter, & Campbell, Andrew - Harvard Business Review, December 2014, 110-117.

Reading 5.14 (Academic) (Punishment!)

“Survival or failure within the organisational life cycle. What lessons for managers?” by Abatecola, Gianpaolo - Journal of General Management, Vol. 38, No.4 Summer 2013.

Reading 5.15

“Organizational Grit” by Lee, Thomas; Duckworth, Angela - HBR, Sept-Oct, 2018.

Reading 5.16

Rigby, Darrell, Elk, Sarah, Berez, Steve, “the agile c-suite”, HBR May-June 2020, pp.64-73.

Reading 5.17

Dutton, Jane, Frost, Peter, Worline, Monica, Lilius, Jacoba, Kanov, Jason, “Leading in Times of Trauma”, HBR Special Issue 2020, pp.26-33

Reading 5.18

Heifetz, Ronald, Grashow, Alexander, Linsky, Marty, “Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis”, HBR Special Issue 2020, pp. 11-17.

Reading 5.19

Sutton, Robert, “How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 83-89.

Reading 5.20 (Questionnaire)

“Making Business Personal” by Kegan, Robert, et al - Harvard Business Review, April 2014. (Do assigned questionnaire on DDO)

Reading 5.21

“Leading in Crisis: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 34-45.

Reading 5.22

“Embracing Uncertainty: Quick Takes”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp.56-65.


Reading 5.23



Rhodes, David, Stelter, “Seize Advantage in a Downturn”, HBR Special Issue, Summer 2020, pp. 66-73.


Reading 5.24

"Stop Doubling Down on Your Failing Strategy" by Vermeulen, Freek and Sivanathan, Niro - Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec 2017, 111-117.

Reading 5.25

“Increase Your Return on Failure” by Birkinshaw, Julian & Haas, Martine - Harvard Business Review, May 2016, pp.88-93.

Reading 5.26

“Collective Genius” by Hill, Linda, Brandeau, Greg, Truelove, Emily, & Lineback, Kent - Harvard Business Review, June 2014, 94-102.

Reading 5.27

“The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures,” by Pisano, Gary - HBR, Jan-Feb 2019, pp.62-71

Reading 5.28

"The Transformative Business Model--How to tell if you have one" by Kavadias, Stelios, Ladas, Kostas, and Loch, Christoph - Harvard Business Review, October 2016,91-98.

Reading 5.29

Anthony, Scott, Cobban, Paul, Nair, Rahul, Painchaud, Natalie, “Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation”, Harvard Business Review, November-December 2019, pp. 92-101.


Reading 5.30

“The Antifragile Organization” by Tseitlin, Ariel - Communications of the ACM, Vol. 56, No 8, August 2013.

Reading 5.31

“Reigniting Growth” by Zook, Chris & Allen, James - Harvard Business Review, March 2016, pp.70-76.


Reading 5.32


“Knowing When to Reinvent” by Bertolini, Mark, Duncan, David, & Waldeck, Andrew - Harvard Business Review, December 2015, pp. 90-101.

Reading 5.33

​Tedeschi, Richard, “Growth After Trauma: Five steps for coming out of a crisis stronger”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp. 127-131.

Reading 5.34

“What Is the Next NORMAL Going to Look Like?”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp. 48-52.

Reading 5.35

Scoblic, J.Peter, “Learning from the Future: How to make robust strategy in times of deep uncertainty”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2020, pp.39-47.

Reading 5.36

"Leadership from Great Family Businesses" by Fernandez-Araoz, Claudio, Iqbal, Sonny, & Ritter, Jorg - Harvard Business Review, April 2015, 83-88.

Reading 5.37

"Building Resilience" by Seligman, Martin - Harvard Business Review, April 2011, pp.100-106.

Reading 5.38

"Building Organizational Resilience" byFernando Suarez, HBR Nov-Dec 2020.

Reading 5.39

"Adapt Your Business to the New Reality" by Michael Jacobides, HBR, Sept-Oct 2020.

Reading 5.40

"Our Work-from-Anywhere Future" Prithwiraj Choudhury, HBR, Nov-Dec 2020.

Reading 5.41

"Persuade Your Company to Change Before It's Too Late", Siren, Pontus, et al., Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2022, pp.49-53.

Reading 5.42

"Future-Proofing Your Organization--Prepare your team to stay ahead in the post-pandemic world", Mankins, Michael, et al., Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct 2021, pp.42-48.

Reading 5.43

"Selling After the Crisis", Cespedes, Frank, Harvard Business Review, Mar-Apr 2021, pp.52-57.

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