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The Icarus Paradox

Unstable at the Top.

Why Smart Executives Fail

Leadership vs. Management

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business

The Self-defeating Organization

Managing Corporate Lifecycles

Jumping the Curve

Conscious Incompetence

The Second Cycle

Good to Great

Presentation Docs

Section 1

Shaner, M 2010, ‘The Icarus Paradox’.

Section 2

Kets De Vries, M & Miller, D, ‘Unstable at the Top: Inside the Troubled Organisation’

Conscious Competence

“Why Smart Executives Fail”

Leadership vs. Management

Section 4

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business

Hardy, RE & Schwartz, R, ‘The self-defeating organisation'


Shaner, M 2010, ‘Managing Corporate Lifecycles’

Section 5

Shaner, M 2010, ‘Jumping the curve’Strategic Inflection Points

Kolind, Lars 2006, The Second Cycle, Wharton School Publishing

Section 6

Shaner, Good to Great—Concepts

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